Our Team

People are at the center of our strategy

The value we provide to our customers and stakeholders is rooted in the skills, ideas, and creativity of our team. We value:

• Global Culture

• Diversity of Thought

• Leadership Development

Global Culture

We are based in Houston, Texas, where the majority of our team works in close proximity to Sumitomo Corporation of the Americas and many of its subsidiaries in the oil and gas industry. However, as a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation based in Japan, we manage supply chain projects in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, allowing many SCGTS employees to rotate through those locations for long term assignments.

For those not on an international assignment, their local responsibilities still require global relationships as they support these projects and best practices around the world.

Diversity of Thought

We have an active college recruiting program and we promise “Responsibility and Influence from Day One.” Our emphasis on a continuous stream of new voices, new skill sets, and new ideas helps ensure that we build collaborative teams that include all levels of experience and a variety of perspectives. While we embrace proven methodologies, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation that comes from asking the right questions and considering alternative methods and models.

Leadership Development

Our objectives are often tied to helping companies through changes and evolution of existing processes. Managing change requires leadership at all levels and the most effective leaders are always learning.  Our employees receive formal training on our business and on the technical skills needed to contribute, while also being immediately engaged in active projects to build relationships with internal team members and customers.

Additionally, we provide opportunities for team members to lead projects and learn new skills; and we expect those with experience to mentor, coach, and support the professional growth of every employee.

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