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SC Global Tubular Solutions (SCGTS) provides customized Supply Chain Management (SCM) process optimization, total cost solutions, and integrated digital infrastructure for customers in the global energy sector.

About SCGTS – Internal and External Consultants

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, and we deliver our offerings through Sumitomo Corporation and its other subsidiary companies.

While Sumitomo Corporation and its subsidiaries are well known around the world for their history and expertise in the distribution of premium steel products to oil and gas customers, SCGTS adds the following compliments to the supply chain:

  • Customized procurement strategies
  • Inventory management design
  • Quality and safety programs
  • Process improvement
  • Full suite of digital tools
  • HR expertise and customized training courses
  • Marketing and communication assistance

These offerings provide real time analytics which help our customers recognize cost savings efficiencies.

Our Approach – Center of Excellence

We believe that every project is unique. Whether challenges include geography, culture, operations, logistics, safety, or technical specifications;  our company is built on a drive to find efficiencies in every situation. We start each project by identifying the challenges and goals of our customers and partners, and then work together to design and implement a new strategy. In this way, we have become a center of excellence for tubular supply chain projects.


We believe that the contribution of smart and engaged people is essential to meet the needs of quickly changing business models in supply chain management.

Global culture
Sumitomo Corporation and its subsidiaries have offices and customers all over the world. A solution for a stakeholder in Texas doesn’t necessarily work in Norway, Dubai or Malaysia. We build relationships and meet our objectives by listening, understanding and engaging ideas from participants on a global scale.

Diversity of thought
We include input from many different perspectives on every project and value unique ideas. There is no innovation or growth when everyone has the same opinion. New ways of thinking improve business.

Leadership development
Everyone at SCGTS has the opportunity to grow and prosper in the company. We create a learning culture in a supportive environment through active collaboration, exposure to new challenges and formal training programs on leadership, empowerment, business, and technical skills.


Sumitomo Corporation has a global network across sixty-five countries, which includes the following six primary market segments:

  • Metal Products
  • Transportation & Construction Systems
  • Infrastructure
  • Media & Digital
  • Living Related & Real Estate
  • Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics

For more information about Sumitomo Corp., please visit. www.sumitomocorp.com/en/ip

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